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Gold Coast Storage Co provides the strongest, safest storage solution on the planet at our elite self storage container facilities at MIAMI and MERMAID BEACH!

5 Star***** Google Rated

Catering for a variety of storage needs at a low cost, our Gold Coast Storage® offers new fire, water, dust and vermin proof vented storage containers plus affordable beachside parking for cars, boats, vans, trailers, jetski’s and RV’s.

Our facility is loaded with the latest high tech security, including: secure electronic spear headed galvanised steel gated 24/7 access, complimentary heavy duty SIREN ALARM padlock and CCTV surveillance to ensure your goods are stored in the ultimate safe self storage environment.

We understand the need to store usually means something has changed or is changing and emotions can run on overdrive thinking about it!

Let one of our super friendly StorageXperts assist you.

We have the space you don’t…..

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